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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Indigestible maze

Last night, even though I still have a cold and the wife still have lingering symptoms, we went to the Great Vermont Corn Maze. We go at night because it's just more fun being lost in the dark. ;)
We;ve gone for the last few year, I think 4 of them counting this year. The sign at it even says to expect it to take at least an hour and a half. Rob and Nicole took about that long, but they always finish quicker than we do. However, it took us about two hours, and we asked for more help than I am personally comfortable with asking for (from the employees). However, I feel like the maze was much too complicated this year, or worse yet... too many loops. Way too many loops! It's still a lot of fun. Errr... actually, after about an hour I realized I was becoming dehydrated and a little light-headed, so I was getting as little nervous about that. We were caught in a couple spots where I wondered how long it would be for someone to find me if I just fell. Hehe... exciting!

This is the Google Maps location for it. The detail is lame, obviously... but that bigger patch field is where (I believe) the maze actually is.

View Larger Map

I do try to get the post card for it each year so I can actually see the maze from above. We can sometimes figure out some of the places we got lost (or just highly annoyed). So, for your enjoyment, I'm posting the postcard for this year. It might be a spoiler, but I think they aren't doing any more night mazes with this one (only day time??), so you've been warned, try to blur your eyes if you plan on heading to Danville Vermont for this year's maze. And if you want to see some more detail, click through.

The downside... we might not go back. $9 per adult!! Yes, $9. Cheaper than a movie, it turns out, but frankly, we're a little baffled by how they chose to raise the price so high recently. They've got to be making a killing on it. I bet a lot of the workers are family volunteers (or getting some bonding time) for the few evenings they do it, but that's what "farming life is about" isn't it? Anyway, like everyone else who have a local yokel niche, they always feel justified in upping the cost to locals in the name of "spend your money locally", and we eat it up. For $7.50 a person we can go to the drivein for 2 current run movies bringing our own food. Oh well, I'm sure next year we'll go anyway, and they are relying on that. It is seriously good frustrating fun and they do a great job. Just keep us financially struggling folk in mind.


Justin said...

Sounds like fun - I had no idea there was something like that around here. I feel a tad chagrined that I haven't been out to the movies in so long as to be suprised to hear that the priced has approached (passed?) ten bucks. Then again, I had to look around the house the other day for a stamped envelope to find out how much postage was these days...

Chris Moran said...

Doh... let me clarify... by "cheaper than a movie", I mean that it's cheaper than the typical movie experience for most people, since they often end up buying a house payment's worth of snacks.

So, AFAIK, movies in the theaters locally is still $8 or less. Fret not. But that's just a matter of time.

As for stamps... that too will increase soon I'd bet.

Chris Moran said...

Oh yeah, and I also meant that if you take a full hours to "solve" the maze, then minute for minute, the maze is about 7.5 cents/min while a typical mainstream flick of 95 minutes is about 8.2 cents/min.

;) Again, that's assuming you didn't give your left arm for a small popcorn.