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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The X Factor

So, I just finished watching Xanadu for the first time in possibly 10 years or more. Not sure for sure how long it's been. This movie has been a favorite of mine (when I remember) since I was 10 or 11. Obviously Olivia Newton John (1) was the primary reason at the time but E.L.O. supplying the bulk of the soundtrack was also a big thing which also fed a little of my inspriation in the electronic side of music through the years.

Anyway, is it weird that a cheesy ass movie like Xanadu could still have the same effect on a 36 year old dude that it had when he was 11? Sad movies don't make me cry - or they RARELY do. Movies with needfully happy endings do choke me up.

So, have your laughs at my expense - just remember I did share. And I still hold that I did not like when OLJ got all tight and leathery in Grease. To this day I still like the innocent and angelic look.

All that said - the movie is pretty lame. Most musicals are lame. All the added feature songs and stuff to showcase "talent" and embellish the stories. Yuk. Not my thing. However, I will watch it again, and likely numerous times before I drop dead.


Anonymous said...

This will forever remain a favorite for me:)

Chris Moran said...

Heh, whoever you are, I'm relatively certain we're a small club. :)