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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gay Mariage Redux

It baaaaaack. The fight over "gay marriage", that is.

If you follow my blog or any of my public personality postings, you likely already know where I stand - or can guess. It's not even an issue. A gay couple should have the right to marry.

I wrote an essay years ago - I think 1997 or 1998, I can't find it right now, not even on - about this issue. My stance was pretty much the same back then.

In Vermont, yesterday there were hearings in Montpelier listening to apparently over a thousand people (well, in attendance, not all spoke) opposed to and in support of legalizing gay marriage (in Vermont).

From the news I heard near sobbing from gay people and having to fight for the same right others just have. I hear dumbass ignorant bigots lay out arguments about "it being against god's will". And this time around, the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington pleading to keep those dirty nasty ungodly beings from joining in any such marital fashion. (he didn't say that, I'm paraphrasing his dopey ignorance and bigotry). Many other clergy have stood strong in support of gay marriage already. I couldn't tell if they spoke out yesterday. But what's it really matter? The claim of "against it"-clergy is that it's not what "god intended". Do they also invalidate my marriage? I'm a friggin atheist. I think they are loopy in the first place. I was married in a civil ceremony, not even the mention of a deity or a savior (though I'm sure mom was praying :) ) in the ceremony. Do I not have a marriage? It was utterly and completely outside the church.
They keep spouting a fear that clergy will be forced to marry gays. Grow up and pay some attention. No reasonable person would say that. It's a legal thing, not a religious thing, in my view. The clergy aren't required to even marry their own parishioners if they feel they don't support the marriage in question are they? Right. I think I heard a collective "oh yeah". So how are they suddenly going to be forced to marry a bunch of sodomizing sinners? Hm...

As I would expect... they are full of crap just trying to scare the ignorant masses.
As well with the argument of "jettisoning" the "traditional meaning of marriage that has been culturally accepted for 6 millenia"... yeah, I saw that in the paper. In other words, we have bible literalists telling the rest of us how we are supposed to live and that we must follow their bible's laws. Assholes. This is the U.S. of A., you have a right to freedom of religion and I have a right to freedom from religion. That means keep your crazy out of the public square and I won't tell you how to believe your fairy tales stories. That includes you not being allowed to say that gays can't get married because you are uncomfortable with it, or insecure with your marriage to the point that your tiny mind would actually believe that two men or two women getting married would somehow magically lessen your marriage. Face it, you haven't a leg to stand on with that argument. You're a liar and a fraud.

So, the sheep do as they are told. The faithful (I don't know any atheists/agnostics who are against gay marriage - not to say they don't exist, I've just not met any... who weren't against marriage as a rule - and let this be clear, I know more faithful who are pro-gay-marriage than not) cling to their bibles and lash out at people who are different. Worse yet, they argue things like "we can't let a minority make these changes". Again, who the hell are they? I suppose they are against blacks still too... they are still a minority. How about this, from polls I've seen, bible literalists are a minority. That means you freaks who believe Noah's Ark was a real thing are a minority. Those who believe the world is only 6000 years old... minority. How about we start limiting your rights? Oh yeah, "this is a Christian nation"... so as long as you declare that "jesus christ is your savior" then you are above the law or expectation of equality for all. Shut up! You are poison. You might likely be raising children who are poisoned and will poison the world they way you do. Because this isn't just about gay marriage or gay rights, it's about being a bigot and declaring that your way is the only way. It's about you not realizing that your way might be the right way... for you and yours, but that you have no right to rules others' lives when those others' actions do in fact not impact your life in any way. Gay marriage has no impact on you. It just doesn't. Stop lieing. Stop pretending. Stop. If your marriage is weak enough that another's marriage will ruin its meaning, then you need to end it. You are not ready anyway. My marriage will be stronger knowing that the institute of marriage I have will be shared with a larger group of people who believe as I do... that marriage is about sharing your life, love, and everything in between with another person, with rights, responsibilities, privileges, hopes, desires, families, jobs... everything you have. How can you hold the one single difference between the you and "them" as the litmus for something like marriage? When it comes to human rights, a simple majority rule has no place in deciding who gets to use those rights.

I've insulted a lot of people here, it's nothing uncommon. Feel free to hate me, that would be justified. But hating those I am sticking up for in this is not justified. Supporting gay marriage is supporting marriage and family.


Anonymous said...

the whole fact that a penis is made to fit a vagina, tells me that there is intelligent design....homosexuals cannot procreate, so the human race would not survive, if homosexuality was "normal"

Good try though....

"…Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God…"
1 Corinthians 6:9-10

Chris Moran said...

There are so many flaws in that logic it's laughable, but a bible literalist couldn't possibly really get it I suppose.

But, if you want to play your fantasy games about life and the gods... then I suppose you stand strong against doctor assisted pregnancies for men and women who can't conceive on their own?? You know... because god must not mean for them to reproduce at all. "He" certainly couldn't possibly support some religious freak who gets implanted with 8 fertilized eggs because she can't get pregnant on her own... yet amazingly, churches are always there for those people and their "miracles".

Perhaps you're not a hypocrite in such cases and you DO stand firmly against all but NATURAL conception. Of course, your rapist god committed a most unnatural act to breed his son, so obviously, and as always the case, biblical morals are up for grabs and personal translations. Incest is best when it's kept in the bible right?

Using the bible to generate your morals only means you have NO morals. You require to have them given to you by someone else. I believe there are some basic universal morals, many are covered by various religious texts, but are also common sense. Your morals toward sex are short-sighted and significantly Judao-Christian oriented - which neglects the fact that societies, faiths and moral codes existed long before your silly religion did.

Offended yet? Quoting biblical blather proves absolutely nothing and only pisses me off.

The only thing you're close to right on is that if homosexuality was *the* normal. OBVIOUSLY if the only sex was same-sex, there'd be no new children. Don't be daft. So, again, you HAVE to be against sex for recreation, meaning against birth control of any type.
You must also be against sexless marriages. Wowza... some couples actually don't WANT children. Should they never have sex then? Or just not be allowed to get married?

You're a man who appears to idolize the US flag and the office of the president - by your blogs about how Obama disrespects them. I guess we'll just see each other in hell, now won't we? Heck, if you remotely think President George W. Bush was a remotely good man, that alone should buy your one way ticket to whatever burning fires there are in the afterlife. Of, you'll just rot away as is reality and you'll have wasted your life fighting against PEOPLE and for your dogma.