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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Rowan Elessar Moran

Today is my son's first birthday. This last year has been amazing. amazingly tiring, amazingly new and amazingly rewarding. Watching him grow, change and become the threat to all things with wires, fur and that look like they will fit in his mouth has been a challenge, but a challenge so worth participating. The first couple of months the poor guy didn't even have a name, so I'm sure he owes us a little hassle, but he did end up with a cool as hell name.
I just wanted to make sure I said something here on my often ignored blog... he deserves plenty of notice from me.


Chris Moran said...

Funny, My name is also Chris Moran and I have a son named Roan Moran. He's 8 years old. Funny stuff

Chris Moran said...

Too strange!!! I almost made a push for Roan - even closer to Rohan... but getting "Elessar" for a middle name will pretty much solidify a sense of uniqueness.