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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

President Obama

Congratulations to President Barack Obama* and VP Joe Biden.

Time to take our country back.

Most of my candidates did not win, but at least the top of the ticket took it.

Jim Doneless Douglas... you'll continue to be our ineffective and pointless Governor with your just as useless lapdog Brian Dubie. Congrats on showing that Vermonters, even while they embraced Obama were passive enough to vote you two back into office.

*I think my endorsement settled the deal. ;)


Marek said...

Come on man, for a guy that spends a lot of time on the internet you should know better than to support Obama. Do some economic homework, read up on the history of our foreign policy of intervention and you will see that the guy who voted for the Patriot Act, has voted from day one for the Iraq war, wants to expand government into oblivion and inflate our currency to worthlessness, is not the guy you want in office.

Chris Moran said...

Fair enough. My point in supporting him in general is that he's more liberal than the alternative. I don't LOVE Obama. I respect that he's different enough from the typical right of center vast majority of those "representing" us in DC. He's no liberal.
I'm not sure who you'd have preferred over him - I have to assume not McCain, since he only furthered the acts that got us precisely where we are, trouble-wise - so I can't really comment much more. Nader is frankly too ego maniacal for me to support him.
I would add that a freshman senator might be risking everything potentially good by having voted against the patriot act... because it took broader thinking to openly say "that's just not right" in a time when people were freaking out and afraid of everything. People like us knew - for whatever reason - that they were irrational, but the majority of citizens seemed fine with security over freedom.
It's how he deals with it NOW that matters most, and I have allowed myself to believe he will be different. I could be wrong, but it was a better bet that the other options by far and I think he means it.