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Saturday, April 14, 2007


I got my violin today. Well, not mine - I'm renting a violin because I'm starting violin lessons this coming Thursday. Yep. Starting. I've never learned an instrument for real and being 35 and starting with the violin is a challenge from what I've heard, but a challenge that I'm more than excited to get going with. Half of me is really expecting that I'm going to do well, but I feel that way about everything new I try and it's just not always the case.

I got it home and opened it up, put rosin on the bow and checked to see that I could make it play sounds that weren't train wrecks themselves. A little googling to check on bow holding and how to rest the violin on my shoulder and I think I have it... I think I have it. What do I know? That's why I have a teacher - duh. I'm sure she'll happily point out any and all the flaws. Frankly I hope she does. I want to learn this correctly. Perhaps I'll post a picture of it with me as proof. Hahaha. Actually, that's part of the plan since the money being used to pay for the initial rental and lessons is from birthday money from my in-laws, so I'll want them to see what theyve done - and give them time to run for the hills.

[edit]I just got this link from a member of the Beginner Adult Violin Students yahoo group I'm subscribed to. Wow. It's about an experiment with one of the world's best musicians playing in a metro train station - and getting very little respect for it to say the least. A fun read at the very least.[/edit]

Oh, and on a completely unrelated story, I helped my wife set up her blog. Woohoo. I've been telling her for years she should have one because she has great stuff I think would make a pretty fun read. When she has a post created, I'll link her on the side.

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